Work With Me

Graphic/Web Design

Looking to collaborate on some promotional materials for your business? Need a website facelift? Contact me and schedule a call to talk about your specific needs.


Whether it’s a graduation, social event, or just for fun portraits, capture those special moments in you or a loved one’s life with some photos! Contact me to see if I’m available. 

The Process

I work with businesses of all shapes and sizes but these general steps are what you can expect when you choose Crowning Jewel as your designer or photographer. 

When you reach out to me and I receive an initial inquiry from you, the first thing I’ll so is send you a link to book a call with me. I do calls over zoom or by phone, whichever you prefer. Local to the area? I meet in person as well! 

Your call is booked and we sit down to discuss what your looking for. For businesses needing web design this meeting will be more lengthy as I want to know everything there is to know about your business and what makes you unique. Standard calls are about 30 mins to an hour.  

Once we’ve hammered out the details of what you’re looking for in the Discovery call, I’ll put together a brief proposal and contract for you to look over. It includes all the details from your deliverables, timelines, when payments are due and when you can expect a follow up from me. After the contract is signed by both of us, the real work begins!

I take my design time very seriously and as outlined in the contract have deadlines built in for check-ins with my clients. I typically build in some extra time in case we need it. Once the initial drafts are approved, we move forward to polishing things up and making them perfect!

For photography, this is typically a combination of a photoshoot day and editing time.  

The absolute best day for all my clients is Delivery Day! When all the designs have been approved or all the photos are edited, I deliver the finished product straight to you.  

For websites, this is when your site will go live! 

For other design projects this will be me sending you an email with your files packaged for printing or digital use. 

For photography, I send you an email with a link to your edited album.

Why Work With Me?

  • I am first and foremost a Christian and that holds true even in my business practices. I will always treat you like one of my friends and how I would expect to be treated in return. 
  • I have a BFA in Graphic Design in a largely self-taught industry (no hate to self-taught designers, many of them are great). 
  • Flexibility to work with any sized business. Need a simple flyer? I got you. Need a multipage website and branding to match? Love it! Want some curated photos that match your company brand and stand out? I’m your girl! 
  • Web Design and Branding go hand in hand, having one designer that understands your company and can “do it all” is a huge asset. I’m your one stop shop! 
  • I’m an excellent communicator, I probably overcommunicate with most of my clients, but I would rather you know what’s happening at every step than be lost and confused come delivery day.